Writing, various works

Images from top left: notes; Egg-shaped 'system of animals' Georg August Goldfuss, Über de Entwicklungsstufen des Thieres (On animal development) 1817, in Theodore W. Pietsch Trees of Life: A Visual History of Evolution (JHU Press) 2013. Fig. 27, p. 44.; Image-passage-place a very occasional paper; Action Stations (detail) 2010, see below in print publications.

Art: essays, review

a selection


MInefield, Artlink, 6.3.2017. Review of book dedicated to Tim Burns'  1973 work 'Minefield'. Title above links to the review. More regarding its affect/effects in Head for the Hills blog.

Yhonnie Scarce breathing, and the sound of knuckles cracking, #9 Nations, fineprint, January 2017.

Fire, wether, snake: what happens now, Re/Production Runway #32 part curated by VNX Matrix. 15 Sept - 15 Oct 2016. Published 26 Nov 2016.

James Dodd, Painting Mill v.2. exhibition essay. Bus Projects. Nov 2016.

"Matthew Bradley, The year of a thousand suns", Parallel Universe, ArtLink Issue 36:4 | December 2016  

Magic Object, Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, review, Artlink, April 1 2016

As below so above: Deborah Prior, Tangled Saints. Exhibition essay, Australian Experimental Art Foundation. August 2015.

Fleece. Deborah Prior. Essay. Exhibition booklet commissioned by Guildhouse Adelaide South Australia for the Collections Project. Sept 2014. 

The Active Thing: Bridget Currie’s ObjectsEyeline #74 (2011): 33-39.

Some tree time catalogue essay, Bridget Currie, Regulators, Experimental Art Foundation, 7 Aug-5 Sept 2009


AK: failure as method, Anastasia Klose, I though I was wrong but it turned out I was wrong, catalogue essay and design. Australian Experimental Art Foundation, 9 July - 8 August 2010. There's also a terrific essay by Larissa Hjorth in the catalogue "Intimate strangers, in bed with Anastasia Klose". 

sending/taking: littered textsLinda Marie Walker, Room, catalogue essay and design, Noel Sheridan Project Space,  Australian Experimental Art Foundation, 9 July - 8 August 2010. 

Smoke and mirrors Against the grain / Tim Burns / Survey, Curator, catalogue essay and design. Australian Experimental Art Foundation, 1 - 30 October 2010.

On the ground (drawing transition) Catalogue essay for Line Drawing Curated by Linda Marie Walker, SASA Gallery, July-Aug 2008. Artists/writers; James Geurts, Julie Henderson, Bianca Hester, Domenico de Clario.

Migrating Architectures: Calin Dan Calin Dan, …'til here from now, an emotional architecture stopover,  catalogue essay and design, Experimental Art Foundation, 2007. 


From the internet archive

lost to accessibility - yet here they are

"But to improvise is to join with the World, or meld with it. One ventures from home on the thread of a tune. Along sonorous, gestural, motor lines that mark the customary path of a child and graft themselves onto or begin to bud "lines of drift" with different loops, knots, speeds, movements, gestures, and sonorities."

— Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia 

These experimental texts were mostly published on the electronic writing research ensemble (2009 archived version) back in the very early internet days, 1997, and that's when I added the quote above to the about screen. What we did then was implicitly experimental art and the New Media Fund of the Australia Council thought so too. Before blogger and wordpress turned web sites into lists and blogs, the coder had to learn html and cut n paste javascript. This meant there was more opportunity for experimenting with layout: making mistakes and working with accidents was fuel for the art, making it bend toward and away from the literary. eWRe was archived for awhile by Pandora, a project of the National Library of Australia, that later became TROVE which in turn has been defunded. The work was mostly made before September 11 2001, it's not that we were innocent then, it's just that now the internet the world is both shinier, infinitely slick, and much much darker. There are a lot of texts – I'll add to this from time to time…


"There is no gratitude in mercy and in medicine" Gertrude Stein, in meme_shift, 1999

"There is no gratitude in mercy and in medicine" Gertrude Stein, in meme_shift, 1999

'matter', Lux: notes for an electronic writing

'matter', Lux: notes for an electronic writing

Writing turns ever more than two thinks at a time

1999-2001, Elective Affinities, coded and edited by Teri Hoskin, also includes work by Linda Marie Walker, Dylan Everett, Jessica Wallace, Caroline Farmer and Lisa McDonald.


meme_shift (the beginning is not the start)

1999. A rambling hypertext, yep that's what we used to call them, experimentation with styles and pop ups and a range of different language registers from observation, travel writing, poetry, video, gifs - lots of gifs!


Sept. 1999, one of the works in lux: notes for an electronic writing, an exhibition I curated at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia. Linda Marie Walker, my friend, and coöfounder of eWRe (along with Jyanni Steffensen) had just taken up the position as Director there. Lux was an opportunity to think about how to exhibit writing both online and in physical space. Other artist-writers for lux included Geni Waite, Michael Tawa. Josephine Wilson and Linda Carrolli, Gregory Ulmer, Heather Kerr, Sue Thomas, Mark Stephens. There was a sound file by Jason Sweeney too I think, but the file type protocols are changed and I'm not sure how to make it appear again.

Other kinds of writing

writing as material, different contexts: print, art exhibition, tiny books, yet another website… a selection

'Postscript: UN & EM OR EN Littered Texts En-During the Margin,  Architectural Theory Review 18:2 (2013) 258-264.

'How to learn an unknown environment,' Mud Map: Australian women's experimental writing Moya Costello, Barbara Brooks, Anna Gibbs and Rosslyn Prosser, Editors. Text no. 17 (2013).

'slow writing: Lucas Ihlein with Teri Hoskin' Unsitely Aesthetics: Uncertain Practices in Contemporary Art, Maria Miranda, Editor. Errant Bodies Press: Berlin. Surface Tension Supplement No. 6, 2013. 

Thirteen paragraphs on the underground feature article, Artlink, v30, no2: June 2010. 'Underground' special issue edited by Lucas Ihlein.

Virtual Catastrophes: stories from technicity and trauma. Ph.D thesis in architecture and design. 2006. A Deleuzian + Derridean take on language, war, technicity and a local catastrophe. A writing that makes structure as it goes. 

after blue work slight books: Adelaide, 2014. An artists book. Download A4 document; print it both sides, fold it into thirds as if for a DL envelope; fold again in half; stitch and slit the folds.

Drawing con moto 10-16 July. 2008. Performance text, an artists edition of 100 posters made during Line Drawing. South Australian School of Art Gallery. July-Aug 2008. 

Action stations slight books: Adelaide, 2010. Wall text, architecture plan print, 4000mm x 840mm, exhibited in The slight surprise of action, Julie Henderson, Light Square Gallery, Adelaide. 

Image, passage, place: thinking among images that work Working Images, Environmental graphic design, Drew Joyce Creative Director, Adelaide. 2008-2009

'Soliciting taste', Illogic of Sense: The Gregory Ulmer Remix. Darren Tofts and Lisa Gye, Editors. Alt-X Press, 2004.

web sites

I made my first website in January 1997, since then I've made more than I want to remember — many for art, some for other artists and writers, once even for a group of mathematicians in Hong Kong! some for people who pay — and more than translate to current http protocols and shifting screen sizes - as in material life there is no standard that stays eternal.

B Part Renaissance endurance activities over 9 days for the Port Adelaide festival, 2007. Web, writing, still images, video and sound. *

eWRe (the Electronic Writing Research Ensemble), editor, designer, manager from 1997. Various artists, writers, philosophers, academics, musicians. Archived by Pandora, National Library Australia. 

5000+ integrated design strategy for inner Adelaide. Project instigation and facilitation, site architecture,  curation and content of online portal including social media.*