various shades

Things and places seen sniffed, encountered, smelled, drawn, placed, twirled, pulled, stretched. Works for now and later.



What could it mean 'various shades'? In terms of colour it is the degree to which black is present, that is, the absence of light and colour. There is a Greek reference too, to the Shades, I think of three women, perhaps I'm wrong. In any case, before the law, the hades (sic) shades are the ghosts in the underworld, or the place where the unapparent become …. And the three shades, corporate art lust lost to the twin towers.

work for later, single ply woollen yarn 

work in progress, fine shiny yarn, some kind of rayon perhaps, could it be silk?

Inside outside, various shades…

inside out, 2 Riley Street, Woolloomooloo (First Draft Studios/Gallery), 2012