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Here you can browse some of the work I get paid to do (all fed by too as well… also) that includes anything graphic and wordy on many different platforms and surfaces:

from artist and writer web site establishment, to cross platform communication project design, to site architecture design, from streetscape typography, to major citizen engagement website instigation and facilitation, to exhibition posters and brand design, to horrible word formatted reports that need to POP.

Environmental: shop front typography for street, mural

Darcy Street Parramatta, shop and street front typography and mural for D'Arcy Street Parramatta, a heavily used pedestrian zone next to the train station. Commissioned by lymesmith - a architect and colourist. I developed the shop front typography and graphics, along with the building facade colours using lymesmith's colour palette. Read how it was developed it on her website.

Cross platform communication project design

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Edu: Report Design, Web, 

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