SOUTH WEST see the sea...

Just above the numbers on the registration plate is written 'Christies Beach' ...

and it comes to mind right now that i've been the sea, not a boat on the sea, or like the sea, just 'the sea' with the self awareness of a particle moved by forces over which there is no control simply because there is no 'I' just the raw truth of the sea as a continuous rolling moving wave of variable intensities and speeds

Yesterday was very very black n dark even though the sun was warm and bright yesterday today this morning just before it rises again i'm wide awake more so than i have been for a long time and awake with clarity such that i want to see the sea and i can see that's what i've been for awhile now

the sea 🌊

Will seeing the sea make me an 'I' again? an I unafraid of that which an I can't control like career sucker punches, growing old, and loneliness, such that I can reach out and act and do things and go places .