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Images from 9 days twilight in Port Adelaide

9 Days: B Part Renaissance a chronicle, could more aptly be titled promise. Dawn and dusk over nine days, before and after work, at Port Adelaide, one of the now ubiquitous urban regeneration zones.


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I made my first website in January 1997, since then I've made more than I want to remember — many for art, some for other artists and writers, once even for a group of mathematicians in Hong Kong! some for people who pay — and more than translate to current http protocols and shifting screen sizes - as in material life there is no standard that stays eternal.

* There are a few videos on these sites. Use Safari or Firefox rather than Chrome. It seems that recent versions of Google's browser no longer support 32bit video and uses the HTML 5 standard instead. Which means Quicktime doesn't play on that browser [noted 4.2.15].