tierra metamorphosis

way back when I cleaned the work room exterior window I encountered this wasp nest. Appearing dry to my untrained insect-eye I considered it out of use, dead to life, and carried out careful removal and storage in a small paint box. The Rembrant Aquarelle Tierra Sombra Tostada is a hinged box (I love a romantic language even as I cannot speak it - I get it that tierra means earth and sombra may mean 'dull' or 'quiet' (it means 'shadow')and tostada could be toast - a shadow toasted earth ) that has been sitting on my desk for a couple of months. I opened it yesterday and on seeing colour, shape and movement I shut it again immediately (so as to better savour what was happening). There was a winged creature inside, I 'saw' black wings 'eaten' at the edges. Quick preparation: camera——box on outside table——touch-go-record. What follows is this small video, and then I'm going to look for the book on insect architecture in my digital files so I can learn more about wasps that build structures and inside lay eggs next to a silk wrapped first meal for the emergent nymph .