The dorpers arrive

Here they are, the dorpers. Two boys, wethers actually, currently named Mouse and Tobias. They'll have new names soon. Maybe Arthur and Martha, being castrated they are in between and can be anything. I'll know by the end of the weekend. See the way they follow their breeder, it's because she has the bucket of lupin, food motivates them very well. C reckons they are entirely vulnerable without humans, and they know it. They rely on the head of the pack for food, water and reassurance. They will look for the pack leader when they are afraid. Good memory is a character trait, which makes them smarter than other breeds. They examined the perimeter of the paddock pretty quickly, stopping to eat - actually that's probably the point of the examination - what's here to fill the belly. Did they look happy? I can't tell. They came forward and watched when the previous handlers, carers, owners left. 

Dorpers, names pending, following lupins in bucket.