a plant-in

Sunday in the midday mist / lush clover greens the ground / deciduous branches do the slow reveal by dint of fallen leaves / and the distance –– at the speed of a chinese painting on a horizontal plane of flatness –– comes into focus (see below below)

The northern slope below the paddock and behind the house is now planted anew. Thanks to all the workers on the Q's birthday: to Amy for organising it all and bringing curry, and to her friend who selected plants; to LH for wanting it, and to Sarah and Sasha, Trent, and Sal – who'd already spent a couple of days planting out trees for friends. And to me for watering it every couple of days; the soil is dry as if winter has not yet arrived. I returned to the hill this morning in a dense covering of fog, 11:38am and still the mist clouds the hills and gullies.