Bio-creature update

a deer walked purposefully up the olive grove coachhouse path into the garden: we looked at one another for awhile

the snakes have for now moved away from their nest under the house; #11 was taken away a week or so ago

the rats too have found other homes

the sheep found a flock to join on crown land at the top of the long stem L of property belonging to this lot

i – digihuman [that will do for now while i work on something more apt]– would like to get a cat but fear the responsibility of caring for it when i am not here, and is it fair to make it stay inside

i'd like a dog as a companion but the fences and gates aren't secure – a task to be faced

many chunky-on-mosquito skinks dart around low foliage and rocks, two blue tongues emerge from time to time from under the verandah

and the avians: corvids, magies, kookas, sulphur-crested cockatoos, black shouldered kites, wattlebirds, rainbow lorikeets, eastern rosellas, honeyeaters, corellas from hell, galahs, fairy wrens, others as yet unidentified

insects are another list for next time dragonflies, milipedes, mosquitoes, flies (many kinds), arachnids, beetles - those stuck together stink bugs joined at their read ends – large in front leading small at back: what's it like i wonder being led around by your rear end – the world receeding before you?