fire snake wether: what happens now

These are the images from a piece written for the VNX Matrix curated Runway issue  #32,  Re/Production launched 26 November 2016. Read the full issue, it's terrific. 

Undertaken between September 15 and October 15 2016, 'Fire weather snake: what happens now' is a record of moving house from the dreary plains of capital accumulation to a wild place in the hills, a time inside the weather, with wethers. In order to calm emotions and focus action the single regular task I undertook each day was to throw the IChing, or The Book of Changes, and make a record; there were at least two remarkable throws where divination can’t be ruled out. ‘Writing without power’ is a term Sarah Kofman used to denote a writing practice that acts outside the dialectics of proof and rational knowing yet is logical in its own way. I think of this mode of writing as power-with rather than power-over. Sarah Kofman, French philosopher, took her own life on October 15, 1994 at age 60. This is made in memory of her work. Teri Hoskin is an artist writer undertaking a year long retreat at Noela Hjorth Residency at Clarendon in the Southern Adelaide Hills.