after blue work

After blue work (detail) 2014

InstitcheS, 2014. Esther Gallery Beachport. Teri Hoskin after blue work Installation components from left top: cross stitch tapestry by my mother; after blue work booklet by slight books; Untitled, (organ bellows cloth, linen thread, 1988,); tapestry kit completed by my sister, recycled satin cushion cover; Unititled cyanotypes on canvas, 1990. On the bench, stitching by Linda Marie Walker.

after blue work includes a small artist book printed on a single sheet of A4 paper, folded, threaded and cut. Feel free to download, print, and fold: it will be an experiment to fold in the correct order. Basically it is a three horizontal fold, then a fold in half. A stitch in the centre and cut the edges.